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Nuclink: Journal of Current Radiation and Public Health Issues

Volume 5, Number 3
September 20, 2005
Published by RPHP
PO Box 60 Unionville, NY 10988
Editor: Joseph Mangano

A note from the Editor: The following covers activities of RPHP from May through August of 2005.

RPHP Co-Founder Gould Dies
Jay Gould, PhD, co-founder and Board member of RPHP, died of heart disease in New York City on September 16 at the age of 90.

Dr. Gould, a successful economist and founder of the Economic Information System, was appointed to the EPA Science Advisory Board by President Carter in 1980. In 1985 he met Dr. Sternglass, and soon became interested in applying his statistical skills to questions involving the health effects of nuclear weapons and reactors. He and Sternglass founded RPHP in 1994.

Dr. Gould wrote or co-wrote many articles in medical journals and the popular media, was frequently interviewed on radio and television, and was the author of several books, including two specifically on the health effects of low doses of radiation: Deadly Deceit (1990) and The Enemy Within (1996).

He will perhaps be best remembered as the driving force behind RPHP, and behind its decision to begin the Tooth Fairy Project, the only study of in-body radiation levels in Americans living near nuclear reactors. His direction, inspiration, insight, enthusiasm, as well as his epidemiological and statistical skills, will be greatly missed.

Click here to read his obituary in the the Miami Herald.
Click here to read his obituary in the New York Times.

Long Island "Meet and Greet" Successful
About 60 persons attended RPHP's Meet and Greet event, held on August 16 at the East Hampton home of Jean Hoffmann. The main speakers were actor Alec Baldwin and Victor Navasky, publisher of The Nation, who both stressed the importance RPHP plays by adding scientific information to the debate on nuclear reactors. Special awards were presented to Mr. Baldwin and RPHP co-founders Jay Gould and Ernest Sternglass.

High Sr-90 in Families With Cancer
An RPHP health survey has found that Long Island children who have cancer or whose mothers have cancer have a 46% higher average Strontium-90 level in their baby teeth. Over 200 Long Island tooth donors responded to the written survey. RPHP included this finding in a report to the Citizens Monitoring and Technical Assessment Fund, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Tooth Study Reaches Vermont
On July 26, RPHP kicked off an organized effort to collect baby teeth near the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor. At two press conferences near the reactor, RPHP research associate Agnes Reynolds presented the study jointly with local advocates and Dr. Ira Helfand, president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. RPHP hopes to collect 100 teeth by early 2006 from the area (over 40 have been submitted by mid-September). The Entergy Corporation has proposed a major expansion of Vermont Yankee, a move opposed by many local citizens.

New Article on New Reactors in Mississippi
The August 3 online edition of The Nation included an article entitled "Reactors and Racism" by RPHP's Joseph Mangano. The piece focused on the environmental injustice of the Entergy Corporation's proposal to build a new nuclear reactor at the Grand Gulf plant, in an impoverished and largely African-American area of Mississippi. Mangano's article notes that after the first Grand Gulf reactor was activated in the early 1980s, local rates of infant deaths and miscarriages jumped 35 and 58 percent.

Click here to read the article on-line.

RPHP Educates Georgia Public About New Reactors
The July 30 Augusta (GA) Chronicle featured a story about the 70 percent rise in Burke County's infant mortality rate in the three years after the Vogtle nuclear reactor began operations in the late 1980s. RPHP's Joseph Mangano read about Southern Nuclear's potential initiative to build a second reactor at Vogtle, then contacted the Chronicle, which became interested in the issue of local health risks.

Online Radiation Health Data Now Easily Available
The RPHP web site now contains a simple guide to obtaining radiation health information available on the internet. The guide, which is made simple enough for non-scientists to use, is posted on the home page of the RPHP web site, and includes numerous links to sites that contain information.

Click here to go directly to the guide.

22nd Journal Article Accepted
The International Journal of Health Services will publish an article on the link between radiation exposure and childhood cancer. The article, which will probably be published in January, marks the 22nd medical journal article/letter or conference proceeding article by RPHP since 1994.

Newsletter Edited by Joseph Mangano, RPHP National Coordinator.
To contact RPHP please email Joseph Mangano at odiejoe@aol.com.