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Nuclink: Journal of Current Radiation and Public Health Issues

Volume 6, Number 1
January 6, 2006
Published by RPHP
PO Box 60 Unionville, NY 10988
Editor: Joseph Mangano

A note from the Editor: The following covers the activities of RPHP from September through December of 2005.

RPHP Members Involved in Florida Trial
RPHP Board members Joseph Mangano and Ernest Sternglass have been advising in a legal action set to go to trial in January. Families of two Port St. Lucie FL children with cancer filed suit against Florida Power and Light (FP + L). The families allege that emissions from the nearby St. Lucie nuclear plant operated by FP + L caused cancer to develop in their children, who have high levels of Strontium-90 in their baby teeth.

Over 100 Attend the November 12th Memorial Service for Dr. Jay Gould
The service, held at Barnard College in New York City, featured numerous speakers who were part of Dr. Gould’s auspicious life. Among the speakers were RPHP Board members Joseph Mangano, William McDonnell, and Ernest Sternglass.

Tooth Study Begins Near Three Mile Island
RPHP has publicly asked for donations of baby teeth from children living near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant, to understand patterns of Strontium-90 in local bodies. At a November 14 press conference at the state capitol in Harrisburg PA, Joseph Mangano cited the 1979 accident and the high local rates of infant and childhood disease as the basis for selecting Three Mile Island for study.

Strontium-90 in Milk Elevated in Connecticut
RPHP Director Ernest Sternglass took part in a November 16 press conference informing the public that the level of Strontium-90 in goat’s milk was high near the Millstone nuclear plant. The event, at the state capitol in Hartford CT, also featured “Katie,” a goat whose milk was recently tested and found to have a high Sr-90 level.

Newspapers Cover RPHP Work
Late in 2005, RPHPs work was the subject of several newspaper articles. The publications included stories in the November 20 Brattleboro Reformer (VT), the November 30 Raleigh-Durham Independent (NC), and the December 2 Hampton Union (NH). Joseph Mangano was also a guest on Utah’s National Public Radio station on December 28.

Newsletter Edited by Joseph Mangano, RPHP National Coordinator.
To contact RPHP please email Joseph Mangano at odiejoe@aol.com.