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Nuclink: Journal of Current Radiation and Public Health Issues

Volume 6, Number 2
May 3, 2006
Published by RPHP
PO Box 60 Unionville, NY 10988
Editor: Joseph Mangano

A note from the Editor: The following covers the activities of RPHP from January through April of 2006.

RPHP Warns Against New Reactors in 3 Op-Ed

RPHP National Coordinator Joseph Mangano has published op-ed pieces in three newspapers, describing the health risks of operating new reactors. The articles appeared in the Champaign (IL) News-Gazette on January 15; the Durham (NC) Herald-Sun on February 13; and the Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch on April 16. Utility companies have announced plans to construct new reactors at sites near Champaign, Durham, and Richmond. A new reactor order would be the first in the U.S. since 1978. (See also our Trade Publications page.)

Dr. Sternglass Visits Hiroshima
RPHP Chief Scientist Ernest Sternglass spent three weeks in Japan this Spring, where made 15 presentations to groups of environmental activists and concerned citizens about health risks of nuclear reactors. He also had three press conferences.

Perhaps the highlight of the visit was his presentation to a conference of scientists in Hiroshima, sponsored by the University of Hiroshima Peace Institute. Dr. Sternglass presented research by RPHP members of high disease and death rates near U.S. nuclear reactors.

Annual Luncheon Successful
The annual RPHP luncheon, held April 10 in New York City, was attended by 27 supporters. Dr. Sternglass reported on his recent lecture tour of Japan. Joseph Mangano discussed our current work and plans for the future.
Alec Baldwin then discussed the current federal approach to energy policy and planning, speaking about the current push to use coal as a primary source of electricity in the near future -- giving utilities time to build the next batch of nuclear plants.

Mr. Baldwin equated this policy to trying to cross a river on foot, looking for a rock to step on to get part way across, and then to look for the next rock--a shortsighted policy with no long-term planning nor concern for possible risks, a policy that will undoubtedly lead to immediate monetary gain for a few, but a policy that ignores possible adverse health and environmental effects, and that does not consider safer forms of energy production. He then spoke about RPHP as being a key component in the effort to stave off the proliferation of nuclear plants. A lively discussion followed.

Gary Null next gave an impassioned speech concerning the harmful effects of depleted uranium, and played a trailer for his upcoming documentary on the subject.

The luncheon concluded with several pledging substantial contributions to help RPHP with its future work.

To contact RPHP please email Joseph Mangano at odiejoe@aol.com.