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Nuclink: Journal of Current Radiation and Public Health Issues

Volume 7, Number 2
May 5, 2007
Published by RPHP
PO Box 60 Unionville, NY 10988
Editor: Joseph Mangano

A note from the Editor: The following covers the activities of RPHP from January through April, 2007

RPHP Receives Grant from The Educational Foundation of America
The Educational Foundation of America has announced a $40,000, one-year grant to RPHP. The funds will go to support activities to educate the public and leaders in New Jersey about health risks of extending the license of the Oyster Creek nuclear reactor for 20 years. RPHP has additionally secured funding from the Louis and Harold Price Foundation for this project.

Two More Newspaper Editorials Published
Editorials describing the public health risk of keeping aging reactors operating and building new reactors have been published in two newspapers. The March 27 Toledo Blade and the March 28 Providence Journal published the op-ed pieces, bringing the total number of editorials published in 2006-2007 to 14.

RPHP Takes Part in Baltimore Press Conference
On March 6, RPHPs Joseph Mangano joined the Maryland Public Interest Research Group and Sierra Club at a press conference in Baltimore.

The event was held to inform the public of potential hazards of building new reactors in Maryland (the Southern Company has suggested it will build the largest reactor in the U.S. at the Calvert Cliffs plant in southeastern Maryland).

Maryland PIRG issued a new report explaining the environmental, financial, and health effects of adding another reactor to the Calvert Cliffs nuclear complex. Sierra Club spokesperson Cathy Garger spoke of the potential immense adverse impact to the entire Chesapeake Bay environment. RPHP's Joseph Mangano discussed the detrimental health effects that the proposed new reactor would have.

The press coverage was excellent, including articles in The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post. The story was also carried in The Baltimore Daily Record and on Fox-45 TV in Baltimore and University of Maryland TV.
Click here to read the story in The Washington Post.
Click here to read the story in The Baltimore Sun.

Click here to read the Maryland Public Interest Research Group report The High Cost of Nuclear Power: Why Maryland Can't Afford a New Reactor.

Thyroid Cancer Report Receives Coverage
The Allentown (PA) Morning Call published a lengthy article on the RPHP analysis of thyroid cancer incidence in the state of Pennsylvania. In its March 11 edition, the newspaper described the RPHP finding that virtually all counties with the highest rates of thyroid cancer lie just east (downwind) of nuclear plants in eastern Pennsylvania – which has the highest thyroid cancer rate of any U.S. state.
Click here to read an abstract of the article.

Alec Baldwin Was the Featured Speaker at RPHP's Annual Meeting
Alec Baldwin gave the keynote speech at RPHP's annual meeting held in New York City on April 17. He gave his unqualified support and thanks to RPHP for its excellent work in demonstrating that nuclear power is a dangerous and misguided method of producing energy, not a clean method, as now claimed by those attempting to revitalize the nuclear industry. Moreover, he applauded the organization and its colleagues for emphasizing not only the adverse aspects of nuclear power, but also the advantages of truly clean energy, and suggested that such efforts must be redoubled, calling upon RPHP to educate the public and the nation’s leaders about the importance of basing our energy future on clean sources.

Reports on Salem/Hope Creek and South Carolina
RPHP has prepared reports on health status near nuclear reactors, and submitted them to citizens groups in New Jersey and South Carolina. The UNPLUG Salem group has long advocated against the Salem-Hope Creek plant (with three reactors) in southern New Jersey. The Sierra Club of South Carolina has been active in opposing plans to build new reactors in that state. Both groups plan to release the data at a later date.

To contact RPHP please email Joseph Mangano at odiejoe@aol.com.