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Nuclink: Journal of Current Radiation and Public Health Issues

Volume 8, Number 3
September 5, 2008
Published by RPHP
PO Box 60 Unionville, NY 10988
Editor: Joseph Mangano

A note from the Editor: The following covers the activities of RPHP from May through August 2008

RPHP has secured funding for a landmark study of St. Louis children who donated a baby tooth to a scientific study in the 1960s. RPHP will examine whether tooth donors who have developed cancer by age 50 had higher levels of radioactive Strontium-90 in their baby teeth than tooth donors who are healthy by age 50. The Sr-90 in teeth was absorbed by fallout from atomic bomb tests over the Nevada desert. The Oregon Community Foundation committed $15,000 to RPHP (an amount matched by an anonymous donor) for the one-year study.

On May 13, Joseph Mangano held a press conference on the health risks of keeping the Indian Point nuclear reactors open for an additional 20 years. The conference, which focused on risks to Connecticut residents, was held in Westport CT, and Mangano issued a report detailing research on these risks. Local Fairfield official Larry Kaley and cancer survivor Gail Merrill also spoke. The event was preceded by the November 12. 2007 press conference on Indian Point risks to New York, held in New York City.
Click here to read more about our Indian Point press conference

An article showing rising local rates of childhood leukemia deaths as U.S. nuclear plants age, by Mangano and Dr. Janette Sherman, was published in July in the European Journal of Cancer Care. The report followed research by researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina, showing high local child leukemia rates near nuclear plants in 17 of 17 studies worldwide. RPHP has now published 23 article in peer-reviewed medical journals since 1994.

On August 8, Mangano published an editorial in the Victoria (TX) Advocate, on the health risks of operating nuclear reactors. Victoria has been chosen as the site for two new reactors, which are among the 31 proposed new reactors in the U.S. Mangano now has published 28 editorials in U.S. newspapers since January 2006, along with 6 letters to the editor (the 6th, in the Stamford (CT) Advocate, was published June 6).
Clcik here to read the editorial in the Victoria Advocate

Clcik here for the letter in the Stambord Advocate

On July 1, Mangano returned to Princeton NJ for a live discussion on Princeton cable TV on the risks of keeping the Oyster Creek nuclear reactor operating for 20 more years. It was the 5th cable TV interview by Mangano in the past year, and he was joined by attorney Richard Webster of the Eastern Environmental Law Center. Oyster Creek is the oldest of 104 U.S. reactors; its license expires on April 9, 2009, and even though its operator has requested a 20 year extension, the fate of the reactor is now being challenged in court.

To contact RPHP please email Joseph Mangano at odiejoe@aol.com.