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Education and Public Forums - RPHP has as part of its mission to publish the results of research dealing with the impact of low-level radiation on public health and to disseminate this information to the public, media, policy makers and the scientific community. This mission includes promoting public awareness and responsible public policy related to radiation and public health, in the areas of freedom of information...objective medical and scientific investigation... institutional accountability...independent oversight...and responsible public health and environmental policy.
The Tooth Fairy Project - RPHP has tested 4780 children's teeth for levels of radioactive Strontium-90. We found that average Sr-90 levels rose 50% in the 1990s, are highest near nuclear plants, and appear linked to childhood cancer trends. The Child Cancer Tooth Study - As an outgrowth of the Tooth Fairy Project, we conducted a study of Sr-90 in teeth of children with cancer (124 teeth were tested). Preliminary findings show average Sr-90 levels are considerably higher than those of healthy children.
The Long-Term Health Effects (Baby Boomers) Study (St. Louis Study) - Our third major focus is the result of an unexpected gift of 85,000 individually-identified baby teeth from Washington University in St. Louis. These teeth, not used in a landmark 1958-1970 study, give us the unprecedented opportunity to examine health effects of bomb test fallout on Baby Boomers. Identifying and testing teeth of 200 Boomers who have died and/or developed cancer by age 45, and comparing results to 200 healthy Boomers will provide a meaningful test on whether Sr-90 raises risk of death and cancer.