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Long-Term Health Effects Study
Participated as a Child?
Project Status

Participated as a Child?

Thank you for your interest in the St. Louis baby tooth follow-up study.

We have 85,000 teeth from donors to the original St. Louis tooth study. If you think your tooth may have been donated to this study, please give us your full name (and maiden name if female) birth date and parents' names. This will help us tremendously once we have a full database listing the teeth we have. All information will be kept confidential.

We will definitely contact you should we have your tooth. Patience is necessary, however. Right now the teeth we have are in no particular order, so--as you can imagine--it will take us some time to enter the 85000 names into a searchable database. Note also that the 85,000 teeth we have are approximately ¼ of the total teeth collected. (The others were ground into a powder when they were originally tested).

We also currently are attempting to secure funds allowing us to accelerate our work on this project. The response from people like you will help convince funders that there is a great public interest in this study. All comments about the current study, and memories of the old one, are gladly welcomed.

Thank you for your assistance,
Best regards,

Joseph Mangano
National Coordinator

Click here to send us your name, parents' names, and birthdate.

If you would prefer to send this information by regular mail send it to
P.O. Box 1260
Ocean City NJ 08226