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Project Status

On November 19, 2003, RPHP had a press conference in Pottstown PA, publicly presenting its results of testing over 100 baby teeth collected.

Previous press events were held in Long Island NY, Miami FL, Port St. Lucie FL, Trenton NJ, and White Plains NY. In each area 100 or more teeth had been donated. Average Strontium-90 in the baby teeth rose steadily in the 1990s, and was highest in the counties closest to nuclear plants. Trends in average local Sr-90 were roughly similar to trends in local childhood cancer rates, suggesting a possible cause-and-effect relationship.

RPHP's findings are presented in the January 2004 issue of Science in the Total Environment, RPHP's 19th medical journal article. Click here for an abstract of the article.

RPHP is currently focusing on collecting teeth near several nuclear facilities. We are also continuing collecting in areas where teeth have already been collected but where an increase in the number of teeth tested will help increase the statistical significance.