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a comprehensive list of Articles, Scientific Papers, Books and Selected Testimony Relating to the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation by Ernest J. Sternglass, Ph.D.

Medical and Scientific Journals

RPHP releases first journal article on deaths after the Fukushima meltdowns
Click here to read the article in the December 2011 International Journal of Health Services by Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman (the 28th published by RPHP), on the increase in reported U.S. deaths after arrival of fallout from the nuclear meltdowns in Fukushima, Japan.

Updated Study of Post-Fukushima Deaths
An article updating U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks following Fukushima was published in the International Journal of Health Services in the summer of 2012. Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman now estimate 22,000 excess deaths occurred (up from the previous estimate of 14,000); excesses occurred for all ages; and large excesses occurred for pneumonia/influenza deaths.
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Bomb Testing and Cancer
A new and important article on the link between atomic bomb testing and cancer was published in The International Journal of Health Services on December 1st, 2010. The article is by Joseph Mangano and Dr. Janette Sherman. The article is entitled: ELEVATED IN VIVO STRONTIUM-90 FROM NUCLEAR WEAPONS TEST FALLOUT AMONG CANCER DECEDENTS: A CASE-CONTROL STUDY OF DECIDUOUS TEETH.
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Study of Thyroid Cancer Near Three Mile Island
RPHPs Joseph Mangano collaborated with researchers from Hershey Medical Center in an article published in Laryngoscope in May 2012., analyzing thyroid cancer patterns near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania.
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Study of Post-Fukushima Deaths
On December 19, 2011, a press conference announced publication of the first journal article examining changes in diseases and deaths after Fukushima. RPHPs Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman used U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data for 122 U.S. cities to estimate about 14,000 U.S. deaths above normal occurred in the nation in the 14 weeks after Fukushima. Findings, published in the International Journal of Health Services, show that more studies on Fukushima should be conducted.
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RPHP Releases Journal Article Showing Thyroid Cancer Rates Near Indian Point Nuclear Reactors Are Among the Highest in the U.S.
On November 16th, 2009, RPHP held a press conference announcing its findings that the rate of thyroid cancer cases in counties closest to the Indian Point nuclear plant 35 miles north of midtown Manhattan are the highest in New York State, and among the highest in the U.S.
These findings are substantiated in detail in Mr. Mangano's article: Geographic Variation in U.S. Thyroid Cancer Incidence and a Cluster Near Nuclear Reactors in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania published in the International Journal of Health Services Volume 39, Number 4, 2009, pages 643 - 661.
Click here to read the article in its entirety
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Click here for personal stories regarding thyroid cancer
Click here for press coverage by the Middletown Times Herald-Record
Click here for coverage by WABC-TV
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click here for coverage by Crain's New York Business
Rising Child Leukemia Rates Near U.S. Nuclear Plants
An RPHP study on rising child leukemia rates near U.S. nuclear plants was published in the most recent issue of the European Journal of Cancer Care.  Congressman Edward Markey and actor Alec Baldwin both commented on the research and its importance.

Click here to read the article (pdf format)
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Excess Infant Mortality After Nuclear Plant Startup in Rural Mississippi
International Journal of Health Services
Volume 38, Number 2, 2008
Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
American utilities are considering ordering new nuclear power reactors, which would be the first such orders in the U.S. since 1978. One potential site would be the Grand Gulf plant near Port Gibson, Mississippi. This report examines potential reasons why an indigent, largely African-American community may be at higher risk than other populations from exposure to an environmental toxin such as radiation. It also considers potential health risks posed by new reactors at Grand Gulf.
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A Short Latency Between Radiation Exposure From Nuclear Plants And Cancer In Young Children
By Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
International Journal of Health Services
March, 2006

A new study by Joseph Mangano was announced in Trenton NJ on March 28, 2006, published in the International Journal of Health Services.

The article was presented at a news conference at the NJ state capitol in Trenton, which featured Mangano, Dr. Donald Louria of New Jersey Medical School, and Suzanne Leta of the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group. The conference was covered by over a half-dozen newspapers, radio stations, and television stations from New Jersey.

The article examines the link between in-body radiation and cancer risk Mangano’s paper showed that near the Brookhaven (NY), Indian Point (NY) and Oyster Creek (NJ) nuclear plants, trends in Strontium-90 in baby teeth and childhood cancer incidence were similar. With several hundred teeth and cancer cases used near each plant, the findings were highly significant. This research suggests a cause-and-effect link between radioactivity from reactors with cancer in local children.

Click here for the press release for Oyster Creek
Click here to read the Press Release for Indian Point
Click here for news coverage.
Click here to read the entire study.

Three Mile Island: Health study meltdown
in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
By Joseph Mangano, RPHP National Coordinator, October 2004

Author Joseph Mangano faults researchers for largely ignoring health problems near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant after the partial meltdown in 1979. Mr. Mangano points out that only five journal articles using actual cancer trends near the plant have been published, versus 38 articles exploring mental health effects from the accident.

He noted that no research has been published on radiation-sensitive diseases like low weight births, infant deaths, childhood cancer, and thyroid cancer. The article includes a map showing that infant death rates rose in most counties downwind of Three Mile Island after the accident.

Mr. Mangano discussed his findings at an August 17 press conference at the Pennsylvania state capitol building in Harrisburg.

Read the full article by clicking here

An Unexpected Rise in Strontium-90 in U.S. Deciduous Teeth in the 1990s by Joseph Mangano, Published 30 December 2003 in The Science of the Total Environment.
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Elevated Childhood Cancer Incidence Proximate to U.S. Nuclear Power Plants, Archives of Mangano J, Sherman J, Chang C, Dave A, Feinberg E, Frimer M.
Environmental Health, Spring 2003.

Infant Death and Childhood Cancer Reductions After Nuclear Plant Closing in the U.S. Mangano, J, Gould J, Sternglass E, Sherman J, Brown J, McDonnell W
Archives of Environmental Health
, Spring 2002.

Strontium-90 in Deciduous Teeth as a Factor in Early Childhood Cancer
Jay M. Gould, Ernest J. Sternglass, Janette D. Sherman, Jerry Brown, William McDonnell, Joseph J. Mangano.

International Journal of Health Services
Volume 30, Number 3, 2000, Pages 515-539.
Copyright Baywood Publishing Co., Inc.

Strontium-90 concentrations in deciduous (baby) teeth of 515 children born mainly after the end of worldwide atmospheric nuclear bomb tests in 1980 are found to equal the concentrations in children born during atmospheric tests in the late 1950s. Recent Sr-90 concentrations in the New York, New Jersey, Long Island metropolitan area have exceeded the expected downward trend seen in both baby teeth and adult bone after the 1963 ban on atmospheric testing. Sharp rises and declines are also seen in Miami, Florida. In Suffolk County, Long Island, Sr-90 concentrations in baby teeth were significantly correlated with cancer incidence for children 0 to 4 years of age. A similar correlation of childhood malignancies with the rise and decline of Sr-90 in deciduous teeth occurred during the peak years of fallout in the 1950s and 1960s.

Independent support for the relation between nuclear releases and childhood cancer is provided by a significant correlation with total alpha and beta activities in local surface water in Suffolk County. These results strongly support a major role of nuclear reactor releases in the increase of cancer and other immune-system-related disorders in young American children since the early 1980s.
Read a draft of the entire study

Strontium-90 in Newborns and Childhood Disease
Mangano J, Sternglass E, Gould J, Sherman J, Brown J, McDonnell W
Archives of Environmental Health, Fall 2000.
The Strontium-90 Baby Teeth Study and Childhood Cancer
Gould J, Sternglass E, , Mangano J, McDonnell W, Sherman J, Brown J
European Journal of Oncology
, Fall 2000.
Cancer in Baseball Players: A New Outbreak?
Mangano J. Pesticides, People, and Nature, Summer 2000.
Low-level Radiation Harmed Humans Near Three Mile Island
Joseph Mangano's August 1997 In Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 105, Number 8
Read the article.
Improvements in Local Infant Health After Nuclear Power Reactor Closing
Mangano J. Journal of Environmental Epidemiology and Toxicology, Spring 2000.
A Rise in the Incidence of Childhood Cancer in the U.S.
Mangano, J. International Journal of Health Services, Spring 1999.
Chernobyl Emissions Linked to a Variety of Adverse Health Effects in the U.S.
Kohnlein W and Nussbaum R (eds.): Effects of Low Dose Ionizing
. Muenster, Germany: German Society for Radiation Protection, 1998.
Health Effects of Low Dose Exposure to Fission Products from Chernobyl and the Fermi Nuclear Reactor in the Population of the Detroit Metropolitan Area
Kohnlein W and Nussbaum R (eds.): Effects of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation. Muenster, Germany: German Society for Radiation Protection, 1998.
Answering the Challenge
Mangano J. (response to Sen. Pete Domenici), Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 7/98.
Low-Level Radiation Harmed Humans Near Three Mile Island
Mangano J. Environmental Health Perspectives, 8/97.
Childhood Leukemia in U.S. May Have Risen Due to Fallout From Chernobyl
Mangano J. BMJ, 4/19/97.
Chernobyl and Hypothyroidism
Mangano J. Lancet, 5/25/96 and 8/17/96 (response to comment).
A Post-Chernobyl Rise in Thyroid Cancer in Connecticut
European Journal of Cancer Prevention, February 1996.
Low Level Radiation and Carcinoma of the Thyroid
Schmitz-Feuerhake I and Lengfelder E (eds.):100 Jahre Roentgen: Berlin, Germany: German Society for Radiation Protection, 1995.

Thyroid Cancer in the United States Since Accident at Chernobyl
Reid W. and Mangano J. BMJ, 8/19/95.

Cancer Mortality Near Oak Ridge, Tennessee
International Journal of Health Services, Summer 1994.