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Reports and Testimony

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RPHP Report Shows Rising Local Mortality Near Alabama Nuke Plant
In May 2013, RHPP co-authored a report which found rising mortality rates downwind of the Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama.
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RPHP releases report on trends in radioactive contamination and local disease and death rates near the Savannah River Site nuclear plant
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Click here to read the release of the press conference announcing the new report, held February 22, 2012 in Augusta, Georgia
20,000 Excess Cancer Cases in 15 Years Near Indian Point: New Report Suggests Radiation Exposure May Be One Cause
Joseph J. Mangano MPH MBA
Radiation and Public Health Project
November 18, 2010
Cancer incidence rates in the four counties closest to the Indian Point nuclear plant have risen much more rapidly than U.S. rates since the early 1990s, according to a report released today. If trends in local rates had equaled U.S. trends, over 20,000 fewer local residents would have been diagnosed with the disease.
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Newborn Hypothyroidism Near The Indian Point Nuclear Plant
Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
November 25, 2009
This report examines the high rates of hypothyroidism in newborns near the Indian Point nuclear reactors.
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On November 16th, 2009, RPHP held a press conference announcing its findings that the rate of thyroid cancer cases in counties closest to the Indian Point nuclear plant 35 miles north of midtown Manhattan are the highest in New York State, and among the highest in the U.S.
These findings are substantiated in detail in Mr. Mangano's article: Geographic Variation in U.S. Thyroid Cancer Incidence and a Cluster Near Nuclear Reactors in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania published in the International Journal of Health Services Volume 39, Number 4, 2009, pages 643 - 661.
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On October 20, 2009, RPHP released its report on the cancer risk from atomic bomb testing: CANCER RISK TO AMERICANS FROM ATOMIC TEST FALLOUT, A CASE CONTROL STUDY OF STRONTIUM-90 IN BABY TEETH. Our new study finds high levels of radioactive Strontium-90 in baby teeth of U.S. “Baby Boomers” who have died of cancer.  The study marks the first attempt to estimate cancer risk from bomb fallout by measuring actual levels in bodies of Americans. 
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Click here to read the transcript of Health Risks of Nuclear Power and Testing, an interview with Joseph Mangano on NPR
On May 13, 2008, RPHP held a press conference on health risks of Indian Point to Fairfield County CT, releasing a new report on the health risks Indian Point poses to Connecticut. Speakers included Joseph Mangano, Connecticut activist and breast cancer survivor Gail Merrill, and Fairfield Town official Larry Kaley.
Visit our education page to read the executive summary, full report and our press coverage.
Public Health Risks Of Extending Licenses
Of The Indian Point 2 and 3 Nuclear Reactors

On November 12, 2007, RPHP released a detailed report on the health threats posed by the Indian Point nuclear plant at a press conference in New York City. The report contains much original research by RPHP on radioactive contamination from Indian Point, and on unexpectedly high cancer rates near the plant.
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The press conference was reported by NBC Nightly News, CBS-2 TV NYC, NBC-4 TV NYC, Fox-5 TV NYC, ABC-7 TV NYC, New York One TV, News-12 Westchester, WCBS-880 radio NYC, Columbia University radio NYC, Metro Network (WABC, WOR radio) NYC, Westchester Journal News and The New York Post.

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Educating New Jersey
On The Risks Of The Oyster Creek Nuclear Reactor

Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
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RPHP Newspaper Editorials and Coverage
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Progress on License Extension Decision

Opinions of Elected Officials on Oyster Creek

Health Risks Of Adding New Reactors To The Alvin Vogtle Nuclear Plant
This report focuses on radioactive contamination from the Georgia Vogtle reactors 1 and 2 and on the health consequences of adding new reactors to the Vogtle site.
Joseph J. Mangano, MPH MBA
January 4, 2007
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Read Common Dreams article
Read Los Angeles Times article
Geographic Variance In Pennsylvania Thyroid Cancer Incidence And The Link With Nuclear Power Reactors
Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
February 14, 2007
Click here to read this report regarding high thyroid cancer rates and proximity to nuclear power plants.
The South Florida Baby Teeth and Cancer Case Study
This study was officially released April 9th, 2003. The Study finds that infants and children are especially vulnerable to cancer caused by federally-permitted radiation releases from nuclear reactors such as the Turkey Point and St. Lucie nuclear power plants, located in southeast Florida.
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Environmental Radiation from Nuclear Reactors and Increasing Children's Cancer in Southeastern Florida
The Florida Baby Tooth Study
March 28, 2001
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20 Million Premature US Deaths Since 1950
Read this important article and two charts by Dr. Gould.
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USA Newborn Deterioration In The Nuclear Age, 1945-1996
Low-birthweight babies and infant mortality in the nuclear age--presented March 1998 at the International Congress On The Effects Of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation. The paper focuses on the effects of radiation on infants in the United States. Charts are given for each state in the US for both low birthweights and infant mortality.
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View the abstract.
16 Million Radiation Deaths and Counting
Although not by RPHP, we couldn't agree more with the article by Dr. Rosalie Bertell entitled 16 Million Radiation Deaths and Counting.
We have included a link to the article here because we believe everyone should read it. The summary below is from the rat haus site, which also hosts the article.
The issue of radioactive pollution
--from nuclear testing fallout, from the routine emissions of nuclear (commercial or military) reactors, from the billions of tons of uranium tailings left exposed at sites around the globe, from the massive amounts of low level and high level radioactive waste generated every year for decades from hundreds of commercial, military and research reactors around the globe--far from being the passe story the industry's PR hacks and media assets constantly present it as, is the number-one problem our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, ad infinitum, will have to deal with for at least the next 240,000 years. The damage to the integrity of the gene pool is still being assessed as well as increased. And all this has happened in less than the past fifty years. The challenge is paramount. Denial promises extinction of all our relations.
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Chernobyl and the Collapse of Soviet Society
March 15, 1993 By Jay M. Gould.
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Testimony and Conference Proceedings
Joseph Mangano Testifies at NJ DEP Hearing
On February 24, 2010, Joseph Mangano submitted testimony at the public hearing of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in Lacey Township NJ.  The hearing was called to hear opinions on the DEP proposal to mandate the construction of cooling towers at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.
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Testimony of Joseph J. Mangano to the NRC Regarding Indian Point License Renewal
Cortlandt Manor NY, February 12, 2009
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Testimony of Joseph J. Mangano, MPH MBA To The New Jersey Commission on Radiation Protection
February 16, 2005
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Comment submitted to the NRC regarding re-licensing the Turkey Point 3 and 4 Reactors
July 17, 2001
Principal Author Joseph Mangano, MPH, MBA,
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