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for a comprehensive list of Articles, Scientific Papers, Books and Selected Testimony Relating to the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation by Ernest J. Sternglass, Ph.

Trade Articles

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Counterpunch: Baby Tooth Science
Joseph Mangano MPH MBA
Radiation and Public Health Project
December 22, 2010
Joseph Mangano explains the importance of RPHP's most recent research on cancer risk to Baby Boomers from atomic bomb fallout.
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Christie Brinkley discusses RPHP in the cover story of the June 2010 Ladies' Home Journal.
As an activist concerned about the dangers of nuclear power plants, she can knowledgeably cite facts and figures about the issue.
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The Human Costs of Nuclear Power
Alec Baldwin
Huffington Post, Sunday, April 11, 2010
This article, The third by Mr. Baldwin at the Huffington Post in the past two months, focuses on the work of RPHP. particularly the research that indicates that there are no safe levels of radiation exposure from the emissions currently released by nuclear reactors.
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The Hidden Costs of Nuclear Power
Alec Baldwin
Huffington Post, Thursday, February 25, 2010
Proponents of nuclear power plants never discuss the true costs of such facilities. Mr. Baldwin spells out many of these hidden expenses.
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The Truth About Nuclear Power in Utility Reactors
Alec Baldwin
Huffington Post, Monday, February 22, 2010
Read Alec Baldwin's insightful article regarding the dangers of nuclear power and how he began working with RPHP.
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Huffington Post Article Features RPHP
Nuclear Power Causes Cancer: What Industry Doesn't Want You To Know
Dr. Sam Epstein
Huffington Post, Tuesday, August 4, 2009.
University of Illinois public health professor Samuel Epstein MD writes an essay on the health consequences of nuclear power, citing the work of RPHP.  Dr. Epstein discusses the considerable evidence linking nuclear reactor emissions with cancer, and calls on the President and Congress to take appropriate action.  Dr. Epstein is a regular columnist with the Huffington Post.

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The Misconception of Nuclear Power
This excellent article by Alec Baldwin at the Huffington Post explains why nuclear power is NOT a clean energy source nor a safe alternative to oil.
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Atomic Balm: Nuclear Revival Ignores Casualties
Joseph J. Mangano, MPH, MBA
Rachel's Democracy & Health News #936
December 6, 2007
The lead article in Rachel's on the attempt to revive nuclerar power in the US.
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Staunch critic of the nuclear establishment,
Dr. John Gofman, MD, PhD, died August 15, 2007

Clcik here to read Jospeh J. Mangano's Tribute to Dr. John Gofman in The Nation

Cancer: where’s the outrage? Nuclear, chemical and asbestos wastes at Hunters Point and elsewhere make cancer No. 1 killer
by Reasearch Associate by Janette D. Sherman, M.D. in the May 25, 2005 issue of The San Francisco Bay View.
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Glowing in the Dark:
Baby Teeth Studies Reveal Childhood Radiation Exposure

By Joni Praded
The May/June 2002 issue of E: The Environmental Magazine

Read Dr. Gould's letter and replies in the March 26, 2001 issue of The Nation
On November 29th, 2000, Alec Baldwin hosted a reception for the Radiation and Public Health Project. This was at the Harmony Club in Manhattan. The first annual Public Health Award was given to Dr. Gould.
Read a report on this event, including the complete text of Dr. Sternglass' remarks upon this occasion.

"Dear Parents: I am writing you as someone concerned that high cancer rates may be influenced by radioactive emissions from nuclear power plants...."--Alec Baldwin
Click here to read Alec Baldwin's letter and find out why he supports The Tooth Fairy Project.

Review of Deadly Deceit
by Peter Montague in "Human Harm From Low-level Exposure" in Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly, No. 185 (June 13, 1990), pg. 1. From: Environmental Research Foundation.
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Healdlines:...Radiation--Part 2: Bad News about Low-level Radiation
June 6, 1990 --in Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly, No. 184.
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The biggest energy news story of 2001, completely ignored by US mainstream media, is perhaps an article appearing in The New Scientist on Dec. 15 2001.
Read Dr. Gould's review