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New Nukes Would Imperil Child Health
Joseph J. Mangano

Letters To The Editor
The North County Times
San Diego and Riverside, CA
Monday, October 8, 2007

Passing the initiative sponsored by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore to lift the 30-year ban on building new nuclear reactors in California may mean a new reactor at the San Onofre plant.

But supporters like DeVore don't address the health problems that a new reactor would raise (“New bill would open San Onofre for another reactor,” Sept. 28).

Risks of radioactivity are greatest for infants and children. The three San Onofre reactors (one closed in 1992) are flanked by Orange and San Diego counties. Most residents of the two counties, known for their affluence, live within 50 miles of the plant. ...

New nukes shouldn't be built unless health hazards are well understood -- while safe wind and solar power are developed.

Joseph Mangano
Executive Director
Radiation and Public Health Project

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