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The Second Annual Smart Cookie Awards
Sponsored by the Cookie Magazine
Morgan Library and Museum
New York City
Monday April 21, 2008

Christie Brinkley was one of seven women honored by Cookie Magazine
with a "Smart Cookie" award.

They honored seven women, including Christie Brinkley, who cited the RPHP Tooth Fairy Project as one of her two favorite causes (the othe is the Global Security Institute). The other honorees were Lee Woodruff (wife of ABC correspondent Bob), actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Karenna Gore Schiff (daughter of Al and Tipper), Areva Martin, Kim Raver and Roni Lomeli.

In her acceptance speech, Christie asked Mr. Mangano to stand up in recognition of all the work RPHP has done. In the video she made and played to the audience of 250, she described the tooth study, and the reactors in and near Long Island that inspired her to pursue this work.

The following is courtesy of cookiemag.com.
Christie Brinkley Model; supporter of the Global Security Institute and the Tooth Fairy Project

Video: Christie discusses her causes

Mother of Alexa, 22, Jack Paris, 12, and Sailor, 9

"When I found out that my house on Long Island was in the crosshairs of several old, leaky nuclear reactors, my first instinct was to grab my kids, pack my bags, and go. But I discovered that, at the time, there were 103 other reactors across the U.S., so I felt it would be hard to go anywhere and not be affected.

I love my community, so I decided to tell every mother I came across. Pretty soon, we had formed a local grassroots organization. Children are the first victims of radiation from nuclear-weapons tests and power facilities—they absorb the pollutants more easily than we do—and we need to advocate for them.

Now I'm a supporter of the Tooth Fairy Project, which studies the health effects nuclear reactors have on nearby communities by examining children's baby teeth. And I'm on the board of the Global Security Institute, which works to abolish nuclear weapons through test-ban and nonproliferation treaties.

I believe every mom can pick up the phone, call her congressman, and ask, 'What are you doing about these issues?' I want a safer, saner future for my kids."

About Global Security Institute &
The Tooth Fairy Project

"At the Global Security Institute, we believe there's no problem in the world that nuclear weapons can solve," says board member Christie Brinkley. The institute provides security analysis to members of Congress and advocates disarmament.

The Tooth Fairy Project gathers baby teeth and measures them for strontium-90, a man-made isotope that is only found in children's teeth when they have been exposed to nuclear waste. "Strontium-90 can have devastating health consequences for kids," says Brinkley. "In high levels, it has been linked to a rare soft-tissue cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma."

Christie Brinkley


Christie Brinkley and RPHP's Joseph Mangano


Christie Brinkley with her daughter Alexa Ray Joel