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Meeting with Governor Paterson

On August 21, 2009, Governor David Paterson met with RPHP Board members Christie Brinkley and Joseph Mangano in Southampton NY.  Christie and Joe informed the Governor about RPHP research on health hazards of emissions from nuclear weapons tests and reactors.  The meeting continues RPHP efforts to disseminate its findings, to ensure that public policies best protect public health.

Below are some photographs from the meeting

Governor David Paterson and Joseph Mangano New York Governor David Paterson and RPHP Executive Director and Board Member Joseph Mangano
Christie Brinkley and Governor Paterson New York Governor David Paterson and RPHP Board Member Christie Brinkley
Goernor Paterson, Joseph Mangao, Christie Brinkley and others  New York Governor David Paterson, RPHP Executive Director Joseph Mangano, Board member Christie Brinkley, and two of Christie's colleagues (Kelly Klein and unidetified)

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