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RPHP associates Jay Gould, Joseph Mangano, and Ernest Sternglass were featured in the new Gary Null documentary Fatal Fallout, which premiered in Manhattan April 3rd and 4th. Artist Peter Max introduced the film Thursday, Susan Sarandon on Friday. (Tickets to both showings were sold out). Joseph Mangano described RPHP's work to the audience after the film.This important film examines the history of the nuclear age, emphasizing the health hazards that nuclear weapons and reactors pose to Americans. It includes interviews with many scientists, and also examines the political context in which the U.S. nuclear program has operated. Aspects of radiation-induced harm discussed in the film include:

  • Bomb tests' effects on soldiers near the blasts, plus the general population
  • The Three Mile Island partial meltdown
  • Low-dose emissions from nuclear reactors
  • Storing and transporting nuclear waste
  • The potential for a major reactor meltdown from a terrorist attack

The film explores a potential terrorist attack on the Indian Point nuclear power plant, just 35 miles from the center of New York City. RPHP has conducted a baby tooth study near Indian Point, and has made several dozen presentations to community groups and government bodies on potential harm. Mounting concerns of local residents, and the growing list of political officials calling for shutdown have increased the chances that Indian Point will soon close. Fatal Fallout was selected Best Documentary at the 2003 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, and Gary Null was chosen Best Director of a documentary. He is taking the film to movie theatres, film festivals, public television stations, and environmental groups. "This is a public health project" Null declared. 

Visit Gary Null's action file for Fatal Fallout.

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