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Does this forum have a Pearow ? I would have preferred at least the section wich describes the actual making of lines typed. Multiply that by 10 and that’s how dirty your fly line probably is. For years I have enjoyed cleaning and dressing my fly lines. According to the ingredients list Albolene is mineral oil, petrolatum (petroleum jelly), paraffin, ceresin (another type of wax), and beta carotene (vitamin A). Glide can be used on all types of fly line and protects lines so they'll perform better and last longer. GLIDE LINE DRESSING W/LD BOX. Two years later while reading the comments in “Reelsmithing Forum” I noted that Peter Dallman was working with John Betts on having his book on fly line making printed. ... Read the ingredients and the instructions. Luckily, all it takes is some floatant and desiccant powder, and for extra security, a fly dressing or treatment. The newest thing I'd like to share is inexpensive fly lines. Produced by the line dressing masters Loon Products, Aquel is the most popular among anglers in the Vail Valley. This review and his private comments were submitted in the context of constructive criticism and I do indeed appreciate both his time to review and correspond afterwards. Moreover, we have also shed some light on critical factors you need to know before buying. Of course I had to contact Mr. Dallman to find out when this was to take place. Decide for yourself after you look at our results.The test consisted of six popular dry fly floatants found on the market today. I absolutely stand by my conviction that these are remarkable lines in the way they cast and fish and are very straightforward to make yourself. Rio Fly Fishing Agent-Line Dressing, Clear. First off, fill a pot with hot water. For cleaning, you can use just a mild soap and a good soaking with a rag to clean the dirt from it. Some years ago after reading John Betts book “Making Strip-built Fly Rods from Various Woods on a Lathe” I noted his comments on making fly lines that match silk fly lines in every way. Try it out and leave a comment. 99. Fly Line Cleaning/Dressing #1. 4.7 out of 5 stars 51. I don't have an answer for an alternative, but have been happy with the 3M/Scientific Anglers "Fly line Dressing". Multiply that by 10 and that’s how dirty your fly line probably is. I contacted Mr. Betts and after a good long telephone conversation I had the solid base for making two 7wt fly lines using his information. A perfect example of this is ArmorAll. Grab a bottle of our Fly Line Dressing and give that nice line who works so hard for you the bath it deserves. It is the original formula by legendary fly rod maker, Russ Peak. Publisher, Reel Lines Press Comming Soon! Neither dressing contains silicon. The reader should not have to labor over a word to figure out what it is; especially at the price of this book. I have used 303 and armorall,in a crunch but preferr the glide line dressing when I can. What I am not understanding is why go home made when there are such good over the counter products available? Imagine how dirty your car is right now. Now there are no reasons to not match up a perfect handmade fly line, handmade fly reel and handmade fly rod that you made yourself! Fly line dressings and applicators are sold at The Fly Shop. Prices . The lines are really excellent to fish and they cast very nicely. While I like the handwritten aspect of the book the writing is sometimes a tad hard to follow but this does not detract one iota from the value of the work to me. It is easy to apply streamside and the line can be used right after application. Love the content but a little tough to read. Otter butter full size: $8.49 . Jack, Posted by Joakim Lindengren on 2nd Jun 2014. So little disappointed at first, but this is also getting interesting, and thanks for introducing the technique. Lubricants in the dressing keep your line working at peak performance for longer than untr For years people said that ArmorAll could be used to clean and condition fly lines. In fact it stops me skip reading which is a bad thing as one misses important detail! Accessories. Next, pour a sizable helping of the white gas into the large mixing bottle, and lower the bottle into the pot. $7.95 Compare Quick View Add to Cart Russ Peak's Fly Line Dressing. Use widely available products like Gink or any of Loons floatants or go the DIY route and make your own. I bring them with me to all of the events I attend so just ask! That the book was handwritten made it rather beautiful, but hard to read. Can't wait to get started! Frank G. Schlicht,PhD From Bucks County. I have found that John Betts' book (a Photostatic copy at the time) to be concise and extremely informative. Dr. Schlicht and I have had a positive email exchange after he submitted this review. Slight drawback also the quality of the print, for the handwrited pages. Given the polymers involved in the manufacturing of the line, be careful what you use, they may break down the polymers and destroy the fly line. I figure a Pearow will speak up. Account (0) Go Back ... Rio Agent X Fly Line Dressing. The bottom line is we cannot guarantee what is in other dressing or products and how it will react with our lines. I have been doing silk flylines with furling techingue for some time, and was exppecting some hints to baraiding flylines. you'd like to learn more about furling and braiding techniques for line making.). They also have the look of a traditional braided silk line. But once you get the 'hang of it' it includes clear instructions to build your own fly lines. Otter Butter comes in … Saltwater anglers keep their lines shooting freely and salt-free with regular dressings. Co-author Michael Hackney extends on John's original work with information on dying lines, alternative methods of dressing, and additional line recipes for making 1wt to 7wt fly lines as well as tenkara lines. I have already ordered all of the materials needed. Works with all fly lines, drying to a hard, slick finish that won’t accumulate debris. The technique is very innovative and i look forward to start making my own lines with it. Glide Line Dressing helps you shoot fly line farther with greater ease. Comes with a cleaning pad. FREE Shipping. With silicone added for today's plastic lines. you may want to look over at the Warm Fly forum I believe he posts there. Please check the photos for samples. Otter Butter leaves a thin, hard coating on your line that glides through the guides. Russ Peak's Fly Line Dressing will reduce friction and add distance. The Eclectic Angler comment: To address some part of the concern I have updated the information here and on Reel Lines Press to include images of the entire first chapter so you can make your own determination and added a bold NOTE to make it very clear that John's is a completely new and unique technique for making fly lines. A reasonable price … "Synthetic Flies, Flies with an 'Edited Hackle' and Catch the Hatch" - Limited Edition, "Synthetic Flies, Flies with an 'Edited Hackle' and Catch the Hatch" - Paperback Edition, "Reels & Making Them" - Softcover Edition. Otter butter mini: $5.49. Quantity Quantity In Stock (1) Tweet . There are commercial fly sinkants (like Xink, or Xunk, or River Mud, or Line degreaser), but instead of them I was advised that use a mix of fuller's earth, glycerin and odorless dish soap for it. It roll cast like a dream better than the commercial lines I use. Are you looking for a dressing or just a cleaning? i use albolene as a floatant for some flies,and as a line dressing. PUBLISHER REPLY Grab a bottle of our Fly Line Dressing and give that nice line who works so hard for you the bath it deserves. UA-22251484-1 Toggle navigation. John Betts' work is what it is, many of us find it more interesting published this way but I recognize that we all have our own opinions and preferences. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Michael, Contact us at Best regards, You can experiment with other liquid carriers but Naptha works. Quantity In Stock (7) $21.49 . 4.7 out of 5 stars 20. Enjoy the adventure! The formulation contains advanced lubricants and lasts longer on the line. Go the distance with an application of our line dressing. ... Never use Armor All to clean or treat fly lines, it will ruin many of them. These fly line cleaners will clean, soften and recondition modern fly lines to … Imagine how dirty your car is right now. Treated lines will cast further, stay clean longer and float higher. I also furl silk and I've just started braiding with an antique New England Butt braising machine that was used by a line making company in the 1940s. Michael Hackney, PhD Co-author Michael Hackney extends on John's original work with information on dying lines, alternative methods of dressing, and additional line recipes for making 1wt to 7wt fly lines as well as tenkara lines. I have tried several brands for cleaning and dressing the lines - whitout being impressed - almost giving up 3 years ago I tried Scientific Anglers "Fly line Dressing" with really impressive results. Orvis, Rio, Cortland and Scientific Angler all offer a special formula product for their super slick fly lines. I have made several Fly lines of 4wt, 5wt and 7 wt respectably using Mr. Betts' methodology. Comes with a cleaning pad. Made with pure silicone, which is highly recommended for new high-tech fly lines. $5.50 Aquel. Of course I jumped at the chance! $4.99 shipping. Dries with a hard, slick finish that will not accumulate unwanted debris. No reviews | Write a Review : $4.95 . $8.92 $ 8. Continue this process until you have the required consistency. Solo cup - $0.10 3 … 1 fluid ounce. I have not put vaseline on the line but I had to try casting it. The ridiculously simple instructions. They have a rough finish or the color is slightly faded. Actually, most of the available products are only a line dressing, and are not really a thorough cleaner. Fly & Line Treatment. Like all of John's work, this book is hand-written in John's unimitable style in journal format. Making these lines is so easy with the right braid, impossible with the wrong braid. Dry Fly Floatant: Which one works the best on the stream?Below are the results of our “semi-scientific” test. Dressing with our new line dressing will further improve flotation, casting and durability also. $10 Fly Lines When a lot of blogs are telling you about the latest and greatest new thing I seem to always show how to buy stuff on the cheap. The book is a disappointment as I expected to find more on the furling and braiding of fly lines. $9.99 $ 9. The only really positive thing to be said for it is that it is colorful. Perfect for pre- and post-season clean-ups, and on the water for enhanced casting performance. It also does not pick up grit like other line dressings. Recipes of a wax, silicone, oil, lube, dressing .... And keep the suggestions clean, this ain't the TFR boys, we have Kelkay here, and children, and moderators. Posted by Frank G. Schlicht, PhD on 18th May 2014, The reproduction of handwritten text is a disservice to the purchaser/reader as not everyone has readily legible penmanship. CLEANING YOUR FLY LINE. I suppose you could dilute it with some sort of solvent, but I really don't see any need to do so. Many times at stream-side during a lunch break, it looked like a giant inebriated spider from Mars had been at work. anybody ? Otter Butter has a mild and pleasant beeswax fragrance. This is one of the most proven fly line dressings out there. Darn I got all excited about some bootleg homebrew. It is the principle ingredient in floating lines that make them slick and helps them float, and is most certainly a key ingredient in our line dressing, and (as you say) the only ingredient in our line cleaning towelettes. High-end fly lines the ones with the super slick coatings should be cleaned with soap and water or a line cleaner made specifically for the super slick lines. Cane and Silk brand fly line dressing: this dressing is made from my proprietary mixture of natural material and is perfectly suited for use on silk fly lines and leaders All six of these dry fly float ants are are designed to be applied stream side. Posted on: 2009/5/30 3:58 But it is indeed an impressive piece of work. The classic English Dressing preferred by many traditionalists, use on flies and line. Properly cleaned your lines will float better, cast better and last longer, certainly a good trade-off for a couple minutes of line maintenance. Just - dont use it on intermediate or sinking lines - as it has a severe impact on the density. Michael Hackney is another upstanding and funny gentleman whose work on expanding the choices of the base supplies for the fly lines in order to achieve the same results is outstanding! Proprietor, The Eclectic Angler. Until recently, I was under the mistaken impression that there were a number of good commercial fly line cleaners being marketed by leading fly line companies and fly fishing specialty houses. Also, all of John's books are handwritten. Cheers, Simply apply liquid dressing to any applicator pad and pull fly line through. Just shave small quantities of wax into a small container of liquid fuel, shake until dissolved. Clean and dress your lines every 2-3 outings, or anytime you think dirt is hindering their performance. Thanks for watching! Sitemap, Softcover Edition • 138 hand-written pages • over 100 photos and drawings • printed in the USA. I'd love to see some of your furled lines. Think of the justified bragging rights that you have earned in building everything your self! The information is easy and very accurate, the man knows his fly lines! Well done John and Michael, 11 out of 10! Joined: 2012/4/20 15:27. The writing was very hard to follow and made the task much more difficult. The book does not claim to show how to braid and we've tried to be clear that this line doesn't require braiding or complex/expensive machines or tools. Certainly will have a try ! Wrong in that silicone does not damage a fly line at all. You will hear and feel the difference on silk and modern synthetic lines. RIO's AgentX Fly Line Dressing is the perfect accessory for keeping your fly line in top shape. It complements my copy of John's book on rod making on a lathe very nicely indeed and has set me on another road, experimenting with building spey lines rather heavier and longer than those noted in the book. I've used other brands and have found them to be gummy. This is a fine book with loads of John's character and ingenuity coming through and with extraordinarily clear instructions. (Original idea from Sexyloops: here and here.) Other options New from $5.85. Then, finely shave a pile of wax into a paper towel (or other implement that can be used to funnel the shavings into the bottle). Red label Mucilin: $5.49 . Thames Mucilin Red Can Fly Fishing Line and Fly Floatant Paste Dressing. Pasi, thank you for the review. The book is certainly not like most but it has an honesty and beauty on its own. So if you have already bought your red (label) mucilin and do not want to risk burning down your house, save it for fly line dressing (subject of an upcoming post). These lines are Scientific Angler seconds. Fly Line Cleaners and Dressings - Fly lines tend to get tired and dirty after a bit of use. Posted on: 2012/11/4 9:07. Re: Home Brew Fly Line Cleaner Recipe, Re: Home Brew Fly Line Dressing Recipe, Gear & Gadgets on the Texas Fishing and Outdoors Show,, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. I found that Peter was an upstanding and funny gentleman, who surprise me with the offer of being a test subject to show that anyone could make a fly line of any wt using John Betts' knowledge! Currently 0/5 Stars. Overview: Choosing the best fly line is very critical for the success of your fishing trip.In this article we have selected, tested and reviewed 10 great fly lines available online. The 3M Scientific Anglers Fly Line Dressing Cleaner with Cleaning Pad improves floatability for easier pickup and mending. First with silk lines. Many consider this part of the novelty/uniqueness of his work. I have come up with a way to clean your fly line so that it don't get tangled up when cleaning! John Betts' line making technique is completely unique and uses off the shelf materials (Dacron braid and monofilament) and simple tools (needle, measuring tape, scissors, etc). DeckHand. i have heard that lighter fluid and wax mixed work,but i haven't tried it. Posted by Steve Marshall on 18th Jun 2015. Silicone Mucilin. All prices are in USD Copyright © 2021, The Eclectic Angler. The ingredients are simply paraffin wax or a white candle and Coleman’s liquid fuel. There is nothing like them and I encourage you to test one for yourself. Re: Fly Line Cleaning/Dressing #13. Caddis Life Cycle. --- Just got my book, and read it through. We've created a PDF presentation that gives an overview of these lines, their benefits, and how that are made: Of course the book goes into all of the details, describes the properties of the braid - not all modern braids will work, don't even try or you'll be frustrated. However you choose to fish your dries, I hope you found this information helpful. And if the Armor All doesn't, the Bon-Ami abrasive cleaner will. Next is traditional "Red Label" mucilin. 92.

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