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Harry Potter is all about people. But when we dig a little deeper, it seems to be a very fitting name for the Boy Who Lived. Some, like Severus Snape, are complex and mysterious. Harry Potter. PERSONALITY. Harry Potter. 12:39. The Harry Potter cast created one of the greatest franchises of all time. Read an in-depth analysis of Harry Potter. He has faced many hardships but always seems to emerge victorious. ... Everyone Has a "Harry Potter" Character That Matches Their Soul. Emma WS. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. Don't like the names? A teacher, a childhood neighbor, even her grandmother are channeled into Rowling's characters. The protagonist and central character. Hermione Granger – Charity worker. Harry Potter Characters real names! It just seems like there’s a magical individual Rowling wrote just for you. Others, like Mundungus Fletcher, manage to be interesting and complicated even though they only pop in and out of the story occasionally. 3:37. Learn Wild Animals Names … It's impossible to fit every single ⚡Harry Potter⚡ character in a single quiz but we have 708 names for you to list! But, a deleted scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 confirms the real reason why it eventually is bad to say his name. Albus Dumbledore Who Would Your "Harry Potter" Dad Be? Most character names have a special meaning — and some are inspired by real people. 2) The standard characters for 'Potter' meaning 'wave' + 'special' are used for their pronunciation. This is a list of Harry Potter cast members who portrayed or voiced characters appearing in the film series. There are witches and wizards, hags and […] Published on Aug 25th 2016. What jobs would Harry Potter characters have in the real world? She was the only character in Harry Potter to be named after a real person. The list of Harry Potter cast members is a list of actors who voiced or portrayed characters appearing in the Harry Potter film series based on the book series by J. K. Rowling. The real Moody would go on to serve in the reformed Order of the Phoenix, faithfully protecting Harry Potter from Voldemort and his forces until he … The real name generators, especially the Victorian name generator, are good places for more regular names as well. By Rebecca Knauss Dec 02, 2019. Harry Potter. With the release of the play, "The Cursed Child," Harry Potter fans around the world were once again excited about having the tiniest slice of information about the Boy Who Lived. Some of us love Harry Potter himself, who embodies strength, loyalty, and the difficulties of wearing glasses. 4. Here are 20 characters from the Harry Potter series and what they really should have looked like based on the iconic books. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. She is an actress, known for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) and Harry Potter … Harry Potter: The Main Characters' Real Life Ages & Relationship Statuses. Harry is kind, stubborn, and resourceful. More information... More ideas for you. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Harry Potter Characters Harry Potter World Harry Potter Hogwarts Ralph Fiennes Voldemort Cab Driver Ron And Hermione Lord Voldemort Gary Oldman Mischief Managed. Playing next. See a complete list of Harry Potter cast members and where they are now. Ian was a childhood friend and neighbour of Rowling (who was also particularly mischevious). Quiz: What's Your Harry Potter Name? … ; The Dog Was the Mastermind: Well, not a mastermind, but it turns out that Scabbers was the main antagonist of The Prisoner of Azkaban, a very much alive Peter Pettigrew who framed Sirius for his crimes. : Zoo Animals Cars, Trucks & Engines TV, Film & Music All About You! Their stories span the decades, the whole saga and beyond. TRIVIA . The Harry Potter franchise may just be the biggest of all time. Can You Identify These Harry Potter Characters If We Remove Their Eyebrows? Follow. Actress | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Natalia Tena was born on November 1, 1984 in London, England as Natalia Gastiain Tena. Harry-tage. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 2001 - Before and After 2018 | Real Name and Age Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Cast: 1. Who Are You? The last Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," was released back in 2011, but the passage of time has done nothing to diminish how much people love the series. Daniel Radcliffe who had only ever got the role as Harry Potter from his best friend Tarren Patel, not only a friend to him but also a role model. The list below is sorted by film and the character's surname, as some characters have been portrayed by multiple actors. The last Harry Potter movie was released back in 2011, and the cast has grown quite a bit since then. Her mother wrote to J.K. Rowling, and she wrote back saying secrets of the future books. The wizarding world is filled with memorable characters. New Characters Alias Names Exposed Including Harry Link & DaveJ, January 2015. As a baby, Harry faced Lord Voldemort and survived, earning the lightning bolt–shaped scar on his forehead. 20 Harry Potter. Fun fact: even Harry Potter was based on a real life person! You have to do actual research to find out what J.K. Rowling was planning as a story for the rest of the characters after the books, including who had children and what their names would be. Chekhov's Gunman: Scabbers becomes of quite a bit of significance in Prisoner of Azkaban, serving to drive a wedge between Hermione and Ron before it's revealed he is Peter Pettigrew. Related: Harry Potter: 10 Things About Lord Voldemort That Haven't Aged Well. Simply click again to get 10 new random names. Daniel Radcliffe , who portrayed the series' title character, Harry Potter , was the icon of the film series from the release of the first film in 2001. All of the Weasley children's children are not mentioned in the books, only Ron and Hermione's and Ginny's with Harry. Bawdyjaialai. Let’s take a look at the Harry Potter family tree and learn how the major characters in the Harry Potter universe are related. live sh . Browse more videos. In fact, he shares his last name with Ian Potter, the inspiration for tHarry Potter. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. JK Rowling and Harry Potter share a birthday, the 31st July. 5 years ago | 173 views. In the books, Deathly Hallows introduced that a Taboo curse was placed on Our hero, Harry Potter, is the son of James Potter (the last heir of a famous medieval wizarding family) and Lily Evans (a Muggle-born witch). Report. He wears glasses his whole life, and has a scar on his forehead in the shape of the lightning bolt. who was a big Harry Potter fan. Rowling found inspiration for the setting of "Harry Potter" in Edinburgh, Scotland. The name Harry is the Middle English form of the name ‘Henry’, a name which was favoured by many an English king. Note that: 1) The standard transliteration for 'Harry' in Mainland China is 哈理 Hālǐ, not 哈利 Hālì.The use of 哈利 here may be due to Taiwanese influence. 4:05. The Harry Potter house name generator could be of help for more nature-themed surnames as well. Harry Potter: The Real-Life Inspirations Behind J.K. Rowling's Characters. Here's some information on the main cast of the movies! There are two iconic features that Harry Potter was known for, his mother’s green eyes and his wild disheveled appearance, which he inherited from his father. Harry is described as short and skinny, with striking green eyes and permanently unruly black hair. Unfortunately, the letter arrived shortly after Natalie had died. The joy of Harry Potter’s name was that it seemed like one so delightfully ordinary for someone who achieved so much. J.K. Rowling then put her name in the book as a tribune to her. Originally published on Pottermore. Meet the real-life muggles named Harry Potter. Harry Potter race name generators. For all the wonderful witchcraft and wizardry, it’s really the characters who make it work. Actor Haley Joel Osment could have been cast as Harry Potter instead of Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter: 哈利・波特 Hālì Bōtè: 哈利波特 Hālì Pōtè or Hālì Bōtè: Harry has the same name in both versions. Harry James Potter, the titular character and world-renowned name in both his fictional world and the real one. The library might have been the go-to inner sanctum for Hogwarts’ favourite frizzy-haired bookworm, but hefty tomes weren’t the only thing that put a spring in Hermione’s step. Pinterest. Harry Potter Characters real names! Natalie McDonald was a Canadian girl with a fatal disease. TASK FORCE KHATARNAK KHALNAYAK REAL NAMES OF CHARACTERS IN THE SERIAL. Article by Nancy Jarvis. 6 Minute Quiz 6 Min. How sharing a name with the Boy Who Lived transfigured the lives of a knighted criminal lawyer, a fitness guru and more Harry Potter is a series of 7 fantasy books set mostly in a wizarding world hidden within our own world and is about a boy, Harry Potter, and his friends, Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger, as well as various other characters whose importance changes as the story progresses.

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